Why Rent Office Space from us?


If your funds are limited to one investment, office space rental may be a better choice than buying a building or spending an exorbitant amount to rent office space.

We have a beautiful newly-constructed building that has a unique office for rent in the loft or upstairs area, conveniently located between Tacoma and Seattle with easy access from Highways 167 and 18.

These are reasons to consider us for office space rental:

  • Approximately 1,200 square feet available
  • Private entrance
  • Available parking space
  • Affordable rental rates
  • Convenient location in Auburn
  • Many amenities that will help boost your productivity

This office for rent is a first-class functional office space in an aesthetically pleasing, new modern building, and an ideal choice for a small business entrepreneur, a sole proprietor or a small emerging business entity needing space to grow.

Call to learn more about this space at a reasonable cost that will provide the opportunity of taking your business to the next level.

Great Location, Private, Affordable Office for Rent in Auburn


We have a first-class private office for rent in our newly-constructed office building in Auburn.

If you are a business entrepreneur working from home and are ready to rent office space in a great location, please call us.

For starters, this office space rental is located in an upstairs loft area with a private entrance. These are additional features that may make this the perfect option for you:

  • It is equipped with all the amenities for improving productivity
  • About 1,200 square feet that allows you to choose a suitable office layout
  • Sufficient space to accommodate additional team members or employees
  • Great location between Tacoma and Seattle
  • Easy access from Highways 167 and 18
  • Parking accommodations
  • Affordable office space rental

If you are ready to rent office space in an innovative business environment for entrepreneurs or emerging business entities, call us for additional information.

Office Space Rental – Take Your Business to the Next Level


We may hold the key to office space rental that provides an affordable and productive work environment to grow your business and take it to the next level!

Our newly-constructed building has an office for rent that may be the perfect choice for a new startup or a business entrepreneur ready to rent office space and searching for a new work environment away from home that is:

  • Distraction free for serious professionals
  • Impressive and influential to visiting clients
  • The perfect space for company growth
  • A high-quality, modern, spacious private office space with many amenities
  • A great location
  • An available office for rent at an affordable rental rate

Call iLocal Property, LLC if you want to rent office space with a private entrance and all the amenities in Auburn. 425-270-7313